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New foot pedal not working

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  • New foot pedal not working

    bought a new wireless foot pedal for my syncrowave 250, plugged the receiver in turned the welder on and the receiver does not light up? Any ideas or is it just not compatible with my welder?

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    Originally posted by Tadingram View Post
    bought a new wireless foot pedal for my syncrowave 250, plugged the receiver in turned the welder on and the receiver does not light up? Any ideas or is it just not compatible with my welder?
    Welder set to "remote" .....???


    batteries in pedal..???



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      I have had my foot control for almost 2 years and love it.
      About 2 weeks ago it stopped working and I was stumped.
      New batteries did not help.
      Light on the transmitter was also off even though the Dynasty was on.

      Powering my Dynasty down then up also did not help.
      Tested the Dynasty with my old wired remote foot control which did work correctly.

      Followed the reprogramming steps in the wireless remote manual which got it working again.

      Section 5-12 gives the details.

      Good luck
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        Works fine with a wired foot pedal, I did switch to the remote setting. I have not tried pairing them because I thought since the receiver didn't light up it wouldn't pair up. I will try the pairing in the morning and see if that works, I did also put batteries in the foot pedal, I even swapped the batteries with other new ones.


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          I have owned the wireless pedal for a year or more, using it with my Dynasty 200 machine.
          Several times the pedal has worked fine, then I shut off the Dynasty.

          Turning it back on I press the pedal and nothing happens.
          Removing the battery pack and replacing with new batteries did nothing. Still no start.
          I removed the batteries again and scraped the ends on concrete to rough up the contact ends.

          Back into the pedal with the battery pack and the switch works perfectly.
          This has happened 3 or 4 times and only once were the batteries dead. The other times removing the batteries and bending the copper contacts slightly to increase pressure did the trick. I strongly suspect your problem is simply a poor battery contact.
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            We have had one of the spring loaded prongs stick all the way in and loose contact before.
            Make sure they are both moving in and out.

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              I plugged it into a friend of mines 250dx this morning and it worked just fine. Mine is the older 250 so maybe it just won't work with it, guess I'll have to call and check! Thanks for the help guys