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Miller 225 idle problem

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  • Miller 225 idle problem

    I have a miller 225g plus. It's a 1996. It runs and welds great if it's on run. However, if I switch it to run/idle it will idle down as it should but then won't idle back up when I strike an arc. If I let it warm up about 5 minutes it does work properly. I know it's a slight inconvenience, but I'd like to head off any future issues before they start. Any info would be helpful as to why it has to get warmed up before it performs as it should.

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    As usual, details are missing in the question. Assuming it's a Bobcat? Which engine?

    Check the oil? When was it last changed?


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      does is revs up when using the 120 ac outlet ??
      it might be a lot of things, defective ignition switch wich wouldnt get 12v to the pc1 board. coulsbe a deffective "ts1"solenoid, a faulty pick up sensor "ct1". bad ground somewhere. and lastly a faulty pc1 board.
      i suggest that you look at the solenoid if it moves when your welder give you the problem you describe.
      one of my engine driven has a similar problem and it was only a sticky solenoid that i took apart and cleaned with carb cleaner since it was caused by a leaky carburator just over it.
      if the thing dont move test your ignition switch with a test light (to simulate a load) because a multimeter can give you false results if the switch contacts are corroded. also test directly at the board for good strong power too.
      after locate all your grounds, clean them thoroughly and visially inspect them for corrosion.
      i do not know how to test the voltage sensing unit "ct1". according to te schematic if ypu disconnect the board and test at the terminal you should have continuity to the ground ( to be verified and confirmed).
      if that doesnt solve the problem it might be the pc1 idle board.


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        It sounds as though the circuit may work OK. If it has to warm up first, my thought would be something is sticky in the solenoid or linkage to the carburator. It is still possible there are other problems. But I would start with this.


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          is it fixed ??


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            Idler solenoid is electrically OK as it pulls the throttle to the low idle position. Ignition switch and relate circuits are OK too.

            I would confirm proper low idle speed (2200 +/-100rpm) as if too low or right on the fence, the weld current flow when striking an arc can be insufficient to provide the required minimum output voltage from CT1 (Current Transformer) to the idler control module to release (de-energize) the idler solenoid.

            Does low idle release when an auxiliary power load is applied?
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