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    Not a problem; I'd already dnl the manual for the 212, wuz gonna buy one til I found a screamin' deal on a 252 with dual running gear, 30A spool gun, 2 full size (K) tanks - guy had had it for about 4 years, ran about 3# off a 33 # spool of .035 wire, 30A had NEVER HAD A TIP INSTALLED, one of the tanks was FULL - all for just over $200 more than I wuz gonna pay for a SINGLE tank 212 with NO SPOOL GUN -

    'Bout a week after that a good friend of mine got a SIMILAR deal on my earlier MM211 with 2 tanks and a barely used Spoolmate 100 :=)...Steve


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      That's a good deal alright, you got yourself a great machine. I like my 251, it's a 2003 model, it still looks like and welds like when it was brand new. I've sprayed with it and was very happy with the welds.
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        Originally posted by FusionKing View Post

        Generally machines that use CO2 have the inductance tailored for that usage. Older migs like the MM200 or even the Passport. The 350P has an adjustable inductance and it makes a big difference in how it runs with different gas mixtures.
        I would run 75/25 before I tried anything else. It might make a huge difference. Just because it WILL run with it doesn't mean it'll run nice. It would work in a pinch.
        I have ran a lot of straight CO2 in the past and it would certainly not be my gas choice for todays machines. If your other machine did the same thing and you ran the same gas you should at least give it a try.
        On my 350P on steel I run 75/25 on thin and use 90/10 on most everything else even tho it is primarily designed for spray.
        I was looking at your other thread about the frame welding and was considering how much more difficult it would make it using the wrong gas and learning a new technique.
        Everybody isn't running 75/25 (argon/co2) these days just to spend more actually welds nicer and runs smoother.
        FusionKing, I will try it with 75/25. I will update. Thanks, Yall.


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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	576891 I do a lot of MIG welding and pretty sure you have a gas/setup issue. While spatter will increase with higher CO2 levels (generally because of gas properties and arc formation), it can be made spatter free provided you give it more voltage, power.
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            Originally posted by brock20 View Post

            FusionKing, I will try it with 75/25. I will update. Thanks, Yall.
            I would like to know how much it helps

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