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252 Lifting Rig

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  • 252 Lifting Rig

    Anyone come up with a simple bracket to lift a the 252. I had a guy today **** near cut his finger off while we were trying to lift it into a 40 yard roll off. He had his hand between the tank and the upper tank bracket when the tank shifted. Not really sure how he had his hand there or why but the end result was a really bad cut.

    I need a way to pick this thing up into roll off boxes and platforms. I know I can use straps, but I'm looking for something that could stay on the machine so that people would be more inclined to use it if it's permanently attached

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    I wish they hadn't done away with the lifting eyes on then. May pop off the cover and see if there is a way to add it.


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      How about welding 1/2" X 2 1/2" bar stock to a short piece of pipe, slip the machine's wheels axle through the pipe and weld the ends of the pipe to the axle, bend the 2 1/2" at the top of the machine and go far enough forward to find the balance point and weld a pad eye on.

      Never mind, it won't work unless the pipe was welded to the axle and the axle welded to the machines base.
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        We had cages made from 1/4x2 around some of our 251 and 252's where I use to work...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Perhaps you could bolt a proper length and thickness of plate steel to the underside of the machine's base and come off it.


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            Miller should put the eyes back on them. And truck manufacturers should put manual transmissions back in all pickups. You guys hold your breath and I'll see which one we get first.