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cast elbow to carbon pipe

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    I was gonna say 309. I use stainless for cast, since its a little more "flexible" for a lack of a real metallurgical term.

    Good on ya! Cast iron is never fun.
    if there's a welder, there's a way


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      Curious to see how this holds up.

      On a tight budget, I once turned a cast manifold flange into a turbo manifold flange (cut off from the stock used exhaust), and welded it to a mild steel mandrel bend to utilize a stock exhaust after the turbocharger. Took a lot of preheating/cleaning and used 304l filler rod, but it held up to those heat cycles (~50°f-~1200°f, Florida doesn't get much below 50°) for a year or so in a daily driven car - well, until the owner didn't check his oil level and brought the car back with a seized crank.
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        It won't see temps like that. It's a boiler pipe to steam jackets in a brewery