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    Tig welding aluminum on DC will make you sad. You'd be better off using a spool gun if that's the case, which the 215 will do I understand. If you really want to tig aluminum, get a machine that will tig aluminum.

    As for the auto set idea. I don't particularly like anything I own to do anything other than what I tell it to do. I don't even do the automatic updates on my computers and smart phone.


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      I'm a new welder. Went threw a HF, Lincoln 180 (which I liked but it was limited to 5-stepped voltages), and then found a MM215 with 40 minutes on it for a great price.

      I read through this thread and see possible firmware issues for 0.023" wire. Plus I see some referring to it as a V1 machine.

      1) How can I tell if my MM215 has the issues for this wire? (My S/N MH3011XXX)
      2) Has Miller admitted to the error? Is there a fix? ( when I called them prior to buying the welder they assured me there were no firmware updates to this welder)




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        Fire it up and run some wire. See how she chooches.


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          Anybody know the differences between V.1 and V.2?

          Checking the manuals the only difference I found is in Table 6.3 for 240V settings. For MIG with 0.030" wire on 1/8" thick material V.1 has 18.0V/385wfs and the V.2 has 18.0V/310wfs (wonder what the machine autoset shows on V.2, mine was 18.0/385). You would think Miller would allow firmware updates to these machines.



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            I know I may be digging up a dead horse here by replying to a 3 year old post, but here it goes. It is relevant to the original posting.

            I'm a new MM215 owner and I questioned the settings that auto-set provides. For example, for 1/8" material running .030 wire on C25 it suggests 18.0 volts with 385 wfs. To me, based on guidelines and watching videos on YouTube, this seems pretty high on the wfs. Using the guideline formula of 1 amp per .001" x 2 for .030 wire, the starting point would be 250 wfs.

            I sent an email to Miller support asking them why the big difference between auto-set and the guidelines (which can be found in the manual). This is the response I got back from support, if anyone is interested:

            "The weld parameters that are used for the Auto-Set settings are what the welding engineer preferred for a T fillet weld joint. If you dislike the Auto-Set parameters for a specific thickness because they are to hot you could try the next Auto-Set setting down or switch to manual mode and dial it in to get the performance you prefer."

            In the end I ran it at 18.0 V at 225 wfs with nice results.

            Anyways, thought I'd share.



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              The problem I have with the machine is that it's not really Auto, it's someone else that comes up with the suggestion for the settings, and that's cool but let me SAVE MY SETTINGS IN MEMORY! The digital crap is very cool but serves no better then the chart. I have a small scraps of paper with my settings that work for me. Seems to defeat the purpose of the high-techness of the machine.

              It's also lacking in many settings that could easily be under user control. Check for TIG settings... Not many, I recall not even post flow setting. In all honesty I don't use it for TIG so not a big deal.

              That being said I do like the machine, just set you digital expectations low. I have an older Millermatic Pulser and always go for that first, flip the lid, twist knobs to suggested settings and almost always seem to be right. I do love the power options on the 215, nice easy to ready displays, small size and other features it's just stuff that you would expect are missing (User Settings, firmware updated, etc).

              Hope marketing reads these threads once in a while

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