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  • what color

    do they use for argon tanks these days? its some shade of green-blue.

    anyone know?
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    Irish Green


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      It can depend on location among other things. In East TN the Argon tanks are typically brown and the C-25 tanks are maroon. Helium tanks are orange and UHP Helium tanks are white.

      I used some C-25 tanks in Charlotte, NC last week that were the Irish green color.


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        The dealer I bought my C-25 and 90/10 from has all his 125 CuFt tanks an Irish or dark green. He just slaps the appropriate label on when it's filled. I have seen every color of the rainbow just as for O2 and Acetylene.


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          tank colors

          up here in massachussets There is no color code to tanks you always have to read the label for contents,ive seen argon tanks ,silver ,black grey,green,


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            No "color code" around here. The last 2 I bought were brand new and painted machinery gray from the bottle manufacturer - C-25 in one and Argon in the other. I've had acetylene tanks in red, blue, green, black and yellow. The only place I know for sure that has a color code is the military.

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              In PA, Airgas uses Maroon for Argon, and a Mustard color for C25.
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                I saw some Maroon ones and a batch of black ones last night at work. I thought the N2 were always black, so i had to stop and look at the labels...Bob
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                  Different suppliers use a different color code system, I use Airgas and mine is maroon for argon and mustard-gold for C25.

                  Contact your local supplier and always read labels before attaching a regulator.


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                    I've seen many different color tanks, they are not always Green in my area either. However there is always a tag with a green symbol, and the mixture written on it.