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Miller maxstar 175 resistor R102

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  • Miller maxstar 175 resistor R102

    Hello all,

    I bought a Miller maxstar 175 from work for $25 knowing it did not work. The note attached to the welder said the pc board needed to be replaced but they do not make them anymore. I know I could send it off for repair but one site quoted $360. I isolated the Resistor that isn't working and am hoping someone knows where I could buy a replacement. I do not know the wattage and that is the hurdle I am hoping someone can help me with.
    Hopefully, I've attached a photo of it. If not, it is R102(page 63) on the schematic.
    Data on the Resistor:

    Thank you for any help you can provide.

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    The schematic for the board does not appear to be available on line, so can't really look it up.

    Is one of the two light tan resistors in the picture R102? Neither of them look to be toasted; could be bad inside, I suppose, but usually a resistor of this type looks pretty bad when it dies. The component between the two resistors looks suspect--the top right corner seems to be blown off. Not trying to question your troubleshooting abilities, but how did you isolate to R102? It's a pretty uncommon occurrence for a resistor to be the cause, rather than a symptom, of a problem. Usually resistors blow due to another failed or overdriven component. While they can fail alone, I have seen very few in 50+ years of troubleshooting electronics and avionics; almost always killed by some other dead part.

    Looked on the web, and was also unable to find a wattage for the resistor given the info you have. Sorry I can't be more help. Does your manual have a Miller part number for the resistor? If so, you might be able to get the wattage by calling Miller tech support. And, if you have the Miller part number, check for it at Good luck on your quest.


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      My method of checking was that the Resistor lacked continuity. It could be the other item that is the root cause. I guess I'll have to send it off :/


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        If you could figure out the wattage, or guess at it (5w, maybe?) you could try changing it on the outside chance it's the only problem. Wouldn't cost much.


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          You do know the maxstar 175s are 3 phase and most if not all are 480v