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  • New Tig torch

    Last week I posted a problem with my CK Flex Neck Tig torch leaking water.
    The flexible neck had finally given up.

    The solution was to get a new torch and I decided to buy a CK FlexLoc WP20 water cooled torch with 25 ft hose.
    I have had a chance to use it a few times and I have to say it is by far the best torch I have ever seen.

    I regularly weld end caps on 3 inch diameter by 6 inch long Dom tubing with the tubing mounted in my lathe with a 4 jaw chuck.
    The torch is mounted to the tool post using a fixture I made for the torch.
    With this FlexLoc I can easily move the head of the torch to any angle I need, and I just rotate the lathe chuck by hand and fusion weld the cap to the end of the tube.
    These items are rollers for the motorcycle roller starters I make and sell.

    After welding both end caps on the DOM tube, I drill a 5/8 inch hole through both ends.
    Then the DOM tubing is moved to my rotary table where I weld in the 5/8 inch diameter keyed shaft for an axle.
    The new FlexLoc torch again comes into play with the adjustable angle head. Great torch!
    If anyone is needing a new torch I urge you to check the CK FlexLoc.
    No connection with the product here, other than that of a satisfied owner.
    I Build and Sell Motorcycle Roller Starters
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    Cyclone 2ft X 3ft Bead Blast Cabinet
    Quincy 325 2stg- Air Compressor_3 phase
    Graymills Built-in Parts Washer
    Rockwell/Delta Planer, HD Shaper, Uni-Saw etc.

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    Perry, thanks for posting. "Real user" reviews are worth a lot!


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      Great real review.


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        Great to have a happy ending.....

        But PLS keep a spare torch on the shelf to avoid future downtime.....

        The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

        “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

        Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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