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Syncrowave 300 problems

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  • Syncrowave 300 problems

    Hey All,

    I just purchased a scncrowave 300 and I am having a couple issues that Im hoping you guys can help me with.

    First off the HF is giving me trouble. I have to scratch the tungsten a bunch and then eventually it slowly starts to make an arc and then the HF will work. I again have to scratch evertime I pause and start welding again. I want to get it to where I can get a nice arc everytime without scratching. I spaced out the gaps to the .008 and turned the HF all the way up. Im having the problem in both DC/AC.

    Second, when I fire up the machine and hit the pedal for the first time the gas will come on and just stay on. Eventually when I mess with turning the gas on and off it starts working correctly but it does that to often to the point where Im going to run out of gas quick! The post flow seems to be working right. I have it at 6 seconds and it shuts off most of the time at that.

    Id really appreciate any input you guys have to offer. Dumb it down for me please Thanks!

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    PLS post the serial number
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      Opps forgot! HG023218


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        What is your preflow set at, sounds like thats your culprit...


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          I only have post flow on this machine. No pre flow


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            Any other ideas?


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              By the schematic in the manual it looks like pins a and b in the foot switch control remote starting, check the pins on your plug and the machine to see if there's any damage, there should be a limit switch in your foot pedal that would control the arc start, make sure it clicks when you depress the pedal and clicks again when you let the pedal come back up. If it doesn't then see if you can adjust it until it does. If it never clicks replace the switch, to verify that's the problem you'll need a multimeter. Hope it helps.


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                Thanks I will check that!!!


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                  I got the high frequency working better by cleaning the points really good (waiting on new ones) and the gas to shut on and off with the pedal by cleaning out the valve and putting it back together.

                  However the post flow doesnt seem to be working. The gas just shuts off immediately after letting off the pedal. Any help would be much appreciated!


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                    Is it most likely my timer on the circuit board is bad?


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                      Sounds like a good guess.


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                        How do I test to see if the timer is working or not?


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                          Don't mean to ignore you-been a hectic couple of days and haven't had time to investigate and respond. Hope to find some time tomorrow. Had hoped there might be someone with experience with your SW 300, but apparently not. What is your level of familiarity/knowledge/safety concerns working with live equipment? I am not familiar with your machine but will look at schematics and see if I can help if I can find time tomorrow.


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                            I would really appreciate it. Thanks a ton in advance. Im a motorsports mechanic so I am great at working on motors. Electrical I can do it if you dumb it down some. I'm very careful not to get fried so no worries there.
                            I've opened up the machine and checked out the circuit boards and nothing physically stands out. Using the diagram I know which timer controls the post flow. Im just not sure how or if I can test it with an ohm meter before pulling the timer off the board and soldering a new one on.

                            My HF still seems weak too. It works after scratch starting once or twice and warming it up the itll work continuous on a work piece. HF is turned all the way up. im use to a newer China Eastwood 200 who's HF works strong and perfect every time. I'd love to get this machine's HF working like that one. I just changed out the points with new ones and re gapped them. Still weak until it kicks in after some scratching.



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                              I have the tech manual if that would help? I could send pictures.