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    Miller Blue Charger questions

    I own a Miller Blue Charge mounted to a crane truck. This welder has a couple of features that I want:
    - A CC DC Welder Battery Charger (charges 2 8D Deep Cycle Batteries used to run the crane)
    - welding/AC power.
    - 110V for small tools

    I understand the Legend and the Blue Charger are basically the same machine. I understand the purpose of the blue charger is to provide welding and charging for sign trucks that most commonly use motors running on two 8D batteries resulting in 24 volt systems. This is exactly what I am doing

    I have a few questions:
    - Is there any other welders that would charge batteries, have 110V AC and have welding abilities?
    - Is there a Lincoln machine that does the same thing?
    - Where can I find a Blue Charger for sale?

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