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Need advice on my weld!!

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  • Need advice on my weld!!

    Hey guys im new here. Just wanted advice on welding some round tubing to 1/2" steel plate. The tubing is 1/2" wall thickness. Tubing is held in a horizontal position and cannot be moved which is why im having trouble with the weld puddle running and not being able to control it. What is the best pattern to use? Im using a Millermatic 252 with 0.35 solid wire and 75% Argon 25% Co2. This is a pic of how the first one turned out but i was hoping to make the second one look cleaner. Im having the most trouble welding up underneath the round tubing because my welds are drooping.
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    Pics are super small, cant see much detail on the welds..


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      The problem (which I can not see in those Photos) is the solution.

      The two pieces of metal are easy enough to duplicate from some scrap metal you have on hand - make a Test piece to practice on.

      Weld underneath a bit and rotate it so you must weld underneath again, keep welding Overhead until you are better at it. From what I saw in the Photos what you have there is not the worst. Good for you to seek improvement.

      If you're satisfied with your Overhead then go back to what you are working on and it will be easier after practice.

      Another idea for 1/2" thickness is not to weld it single pass. It's multipass for thicker metal. The smaller Beads will also be cooler and easier to control. Root, two Stringers and a weave Cap is what it looks like you are going to do (for it to be 'good enough') - if it's for a Nuclear Reactor you'd best be able to just do it without asking.

      It doesn't seem "bad', it could be better.

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        Thanks for your advice RobC. Sorry about the small pics, i will try to post better ones later. I will duplicate the joint today and get more practice on it and i will definitley try a multipass. I practiced my over head yesterday and have found i can make a clean weld that im satisfied with if i turn down my voltage and wire feed speed far below what Millers chart for 0.5" steel calls for. It will be a high stress joint. If i were to make a multi pass weld with my machine set at 22 volts and 310 inches per minute wire speed using 0.35 solid wire would that be too "cold"? I can make a nice clean overhead weld around those settings but when i start turning the machine up my weld puddle gets too hot and ends up on my boots.


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          For overhead MIG, it's easy to get out of control on the stick out. Pay close attention to that and gun angle. Otherwise, the settings should be pretty much the same.


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            Thanks for the advice. After practicing more today i feel that i may be getting a bad ground where my ground clamp contacts the workpiece. My grounding location is clean and shiny but my ground clamp itself probobally needs to be replaced.It seems like im getting a bad arc start and the molten metal doesnt punch in at the start and screws up the rest of my weld by running right from the start.


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              Originally posted by mm252 View Post
              ... my ground clamp itself probobally needs to be replaced. It seems like im getting a bad arc start and the molten metal doesnt punch in at the start and screws up the rest of my weld by running right from the start.
              Lucky, if an extremely low priced item will fix everything.

              Everything is cold to me but you don't have to use Spray Transfer.

              If it's supposed to hold a lot of weight then GMAW would be my last choice; FCAW (assuming it's correct) isn't going to fail and SMAW (if it's not going to be ugly) is another reasonable choice; TIG would be silly and look perfect if that's your only other option - MIG fails the most. Even MCAW would be better but I don't have a lot of experience with it.

              Practice a Fillet using two small pieces of flat metal arranged in a "T" to weld them 2F. Test yourself on flat metal before going to round. If that's not working then adding a round piece is just adding extra difficulty to your practice test.

              If you're good at holding the Gun strange then arrange your (Plate/Pipe) Test piece as it is for the example, straightened out your Cables, twist your Cables two turns in the opposite direction than you are going to travel and hold the tip of the wire in the corner at the 1 o' clock position.

              Strike and holding the Gun at the correct angle rotate it around the outside, like the Pipe had a piece of round stock in it's hole and you were rotating your hand around it (with the Trigger touching that round stock).

              I bet you're holding the Gun like the Heavy Wall Pipe is 10 feet long and you 'need to' weld it like a 2G. Of course spinning the Gun around that way is going to add to the practice time - at least it guarantees that the Gun is positioned exactly perfect at every point in the Weld.

              Hard to explain, hopefully clearer than mud.


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                If this is a high stress joint I would have a pro do the weld