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12vs feeder roller and wire question.

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  • 12vs feeder roller and wire question.

    hi, i just acquired a miller suitcase12vs, it came without the mig gun and the wire feed roller. i have a tight budget and i need to buy those. i found a used mig gun on internet but i cant settle on a set of rollers. they cost around 100cad at my local welding store. i plan to run 035 selfshielded flux core for now but want to switch to 035 solid and 045 dualshield when ill find and argon bottle.

    my question is
    can i use a 035 knurled roller for all three wires?
    its not for all day uses, only for around the yard repairs. if i was doing more welding i would certainly buy the correct rollers.

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    No you need different drive roles for 035 and 045 but you can use the same type liner for both of the wires if both are dual sheild just swap out drive roles


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      ok thanks


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        You can run 035 wire with a 045 gun liner and tip. You must use 035 drive rollers however for 035 wire.
        Then to switch to 045 wire you just need to swap your drive rollers and wire spoil.
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