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Only now, do I appreciate the skill level I see in all those videos...

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    Wow, guess I was wrong, haha. Take H80N's advice over mine any day, guys been doing it a lot longer than me

    IF your dog asked me to buy a TIG welder, I would do it. Who could say no
    if there's a welder, there's a way


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      That is an awesome sink.


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        I've seen sooooo many try and start TIG welding and make it WAY HARDER ON THEMSELVES than they need to. "I'm gonna buy myself a TIG welder and make aluminum intercoolers and intake manifolds from 0.062 wall tube..." (facepalm)

        Start with easy stuff and learn the basics. Get some scrap 1/4" or more steel plate and learn to fuse, then add filler and run beads, then run more beads, then run more beads, until the plate is full on both sides. Then turn it 90 degrees and start over...

        Then you work with thinner stuff, then start again with aluminum, then you start doing round steel, then aluminum, etc, etc. baby steps...learn how to control the puddle. I actually like to start people out on stainless plate because you can really see what happens with too much heat and read to colors. You can immediately see the difference with not enough gas, warpage, etc.

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          Reading your Posts and looking at your Photos I see a good but dirty sink, a good but dirty dog, and an unhappy dog in that sink (expecting a bath).

          If your dog advised you to buy a TIG Welder to modify the Sink then that's one smart dog - he expects a new toy for you to be a distraction and delay his bath.

          A beautiful job will come after some practice.

          You could have bought a kiddie pool or a plastic tub, but it won't be as much fun for either of you as a new Welder. I would advise against modifying that sink unless you're certain you can do it.

          I can TIG, I know I wouldn't spend the time to alter the Sink if there were alternative choices - it doesn't look like it's his favorite sink.


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            I put a 2.5 diopter sp? in my helmet and it made a world of difference watching the puddle.


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              so a magnifying glass?
              if there's a welder, there's a way


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                Originally posted by Olivero View Post
                so a magnifying glass?
                Like reading glass lenses that clip inside the helmet...... I wear a +2.25

                Some people call them "CHEATERS"

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                  Ah, I bought some of those when I got my hood
                  if there's a welder, there's a way