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Syncrowave 250 hf start issues

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  • Syncrowave 250 hf start issues

    S/n kh478700

    I bought this welder from a auction a couple weeks ago and the other night it wouldn't start an arc unless I scratch started it or closed the gap with my filler rod. So I adjusted the spark gap and it didn't help. So then I watched the gaps while I pushed the pedal and only the top points were sparking?? Shouldn't both sets be sparking?? I asked on another forum and a guy said to touch the workpiece with the tungsten prior to initiating the arc and that works but I would still like to fix the welder if there is a problem. So today I took the points out and the set that isn't sparking looks brand new so I don't think it has been working right for a while. Also it looks like I'm my manual there should be a jumper wire on both sides of the points?? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks, Matt

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    Serial no. Please.


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      try cleaning the contacts inside, blow air or pencil eraser maybe. I'm using Syk 200


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        or try different pedal