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  • Pipeliner

    So I'm about to get my 6g certs in the next month coming up and I have my mind made up that I want to go work on a pipeline as a pipeliner. But those jobs seem pretty hard to come by. They say all the unions have all the pipeline contracts. How true is that? Should I join a union??? I really don't want to take a pay cut to become an apprentice because I'm making decent money now in the construction industry. I don't know what to do advice anyone.....

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    Don't go by "they say " call the union you are looking at and find out from them .With that info you can make an informed decision.


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      True you have a point... thanks brother


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        It's not exactly "all the unions have the pipeline contracts."

        A company has a contract for the pipeline, they may employ their own weldors and the company has a contract with a union who represents them. Or they sub the welding to other companies who have contacts with a union who represent the weldors who work for them. Or they sub the welding to independent weldors who may or may not be associated with a union. It's all about being an employee vs sub contractor employee or self employed sub contractor and who's eating the overhead costs.

        Like anything in life, a lot of it is who you know, not necessarily what you know to GET the job. Weather or not you STAY on the job is up to what you know...
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          Gotcha I like the one way you put that in the end of what you said. That's why I will continue to work on, expand and develop what I know because at the end of the day that's what truly matters. So would it better for me to be a sub or a employee? I guess it all depends huh....