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Miller 252 feed problem

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  • Miller 252 feed problem

    I have a miller 252 I purchased new about 2 years ago and had feed problems when I used it last night for the first time in about 6months.

    Problem - inconsistent feed rate. What appears to be happening is the wire is "binding" on the spool and causing the drive rollers to slip while it's peeling it off the spool ( you can hear the tension is super tight because it sounds like a guitar string as the wire tries to hop sideways off the spool). While watching the spool turn it looks like it has a wobble, makes it 2/3 of the way around fine and welds great then it binds for about 1/3 of the spool rotation when the spool kicks off center, if you weld through this it tries to burn back and wire will get a glob on the end but doesn't fry the contact tip and will continue to weld normal again for about 2/3 of a spool turn.

    Ive tried changing to a new spool, adjusting drive rollers up and down, jogged off about 20' of wire... After reading a bit last night it sounded like it could be the tension on the spool spindle (lack of a better name).

    Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks - Brandon

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    Loosen up the nut at the spindle end. I had the same problem with my brand new MM252...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      What he said. You want only enough tension on the spool spindle to prevent backlash. Drive rollers must be matched to the wire, and just tight enough to feed steadily.

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        Thanks for the replies, the drive rollers are .035 same as the wire - it has to be the tension on the spool spindle. I read you want to adjust it so the spool will loosen the first coil of wire just a little when you let off the trigger, I'll give that a shot tomorrow and report back.


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          This seemed to have fixed the problem. Thanks again.