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Two part mig aluminum question?

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  • Two part mig aluminum question?

    looking into a better mig setup for aluminum.
    have a Miller 211 and the little spoolgun
    does not really do a good job. Trying to find out
    about spool guns vest push pull. If I bought a 252
    and spool gun other than the large roll and lighter gun
    dies it weld better? I think I would like pulse but too much cash to step up to 350p. The little spool gun
    must have issues. Lots of soot above weld
    ect. I used a 30a and a 251 a long time ago for the first time to try welding and it seamed better than the 211

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    The little spool gun isn't the soot problem. It could be how you hold the gun. The alum base metal you are welding or the wire if 5356 or 4043. Some of my welds look like complete crap compared to others but I don't let it bother me. A SS wire brush and acetone make it look good. Plus 90% of my work is build up and it all gets ground off to suit anyways and it always looks good...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Might not be getting good gas diffusion from the nozzle. Try putting something in the nozzle to help diffuse the shielding gas before it makes it out the nozzle, like some brillow or a piece of screen.