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Connect a Miller 30A to a ProFax machine????

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  • Connect a Miller 30A to a ProFax machine????

    Hey there, new to the forum and i am in need of a little help. I came across a ProFax P-250 SG that a buddy of a buddy had. When he gave me the machine he kept his ProFax spool gun and gave me a Miller 30A. He has never put the combo together before and told me it would not be hard to make it work. I called around a few welding supply places in my area and got different answers. One told me yes, but id have to buy a few boxes for about $600, another simply said no because Miller is a potentiometer control and ProFax is rheostat and tried to sell me a ProFax gun. My machine is an 10 pin and so is the 30A, but the pins do not match up with each other. Is there any way possible that i can make the two work together? I "THINK" i get 24v out of the machine from what i am reading, not sure though. Can not find the manual online. Thanks in advance.
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    I hook the Miller30A up to everything, haven't done a Profax yet though, perhaps get me the model of the machine itself., that info supplied doesn't help much


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      Thanks for your help Cruizer. For what I hear on other forums you are the go to guy on this issue. Here is the sticker that is on the back of the unit.


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        Cruizer, what additional info do you need? I'll do my best to get it for you.