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Bobcat 250 EFI (runs rough)

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  • Bobcat 250 EFI (runs rough)

    Using a Bobcat 250 EFI with the Kohler Engine. When and if it cranks it runs rough for awhile then clears up and runs fine, but then kills unexpectedly.
    Drained the gas, changed two inline filters and replaced with oem specs, also changed a fuel line to make sure there wasn't a leak. Put fresh gas in, not it will crank fine but sputters every now and then, but will also die unexpectedly. Won't crank back up until all is cooled down.
    See video link for an idea of what it sounds like.
    Low hours on machine, total under a 100.
    The video starts with machine running ok at idle, I then turn it to run and it takes awhile, but eventually it runs fine, then later ran rough before it dies out.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.
    All techs are way behind in my area due to a bad flood.

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    well thats easy, pull the gas cap latch off, take a micro drill bit and drill all the way through the cap ( not letting any plastic bits fall into the tank). Put the latch back on. Presto machine works.


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      Having same/ similar problems with mine, Tested the TPS and believe this is the problem. Took it off and turned by hand and engine reved and ran smoother. ordered today will post if problem goes away.