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    Originally posted by FusionKing View Post

    OPTION #1.....Does HTP have an authorized service network that can perform warranty repairs?
    OPTION #2.....Or to have a failure repaired during the warranty period, would you be required to ship it back?
    OPTION #3.....Or do they do it like Everlast and talk you thru fixing it yourself?

    This is what has kept me from using them. Just no definite here. They could be the worlds best machines. (too small for me now) I like Miller
    No, to Option#1 since as you said, they are imported, and HTP is the sole USA distributor.

    It's a combination of #2 and/or #3. You could send it back, OR depending on the issue, if the customer is saavy enough to do some prodding around, they could walk you through some aspects of checking it out. I asked about this, specifically option #3. That way a customer can save time & shipping costs should an issue arise, that can be diagnosed relatively easily.
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      Like I suggested.......for your $3000 Budget.... The Miller Syncrowave 210 is a full featured industrial quality inverter TIG welder.....

      with nationwide service and support.... full NO HASSLE warrantee ......

      not to mention a massive user base and Miller forum members ready and willing to assist....

      Having a large enthusiastic support community is a HUGE plus

      Consider the FULL picture
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      Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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        Never heard a bad thing about htp, if your really into the dynasty save a few more bucks and buy what you want 3400 for machine only less 200 dollar rebate buy a ssc pedal about 150.00 and ck tig torch about 150.00 with 25 ft.super flex your about 3500.00 to 3600.00 into the machine you want prices go up every year on millers so resale should be Good I paid 2090.00 for my dynasty 200 in 03 or 04 pretty sure I could get that today for it used