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bobcat 250d nt No weld output

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  • bobcat 250d nt No weld output

    Hi. I have a bobcat 250d nt that doesn't weld in AC, DC+ or -. There is still ac generator power and I am able to weld cv + and -. I've check for voltage coming out of the weld generator. There is power on all three wires. The serial number is LC42771. I've check for power coming out of the "AC-Z" and there is power on all leads but lead # 85. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    You're missing a digit in that SN.
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      Does it have out put in CV mode? If yes its your stabilizer. If no its either the range or selector switch.


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        sorry.. the serial number is lc427441. Yes there is output in cv mode.. That what I figured, stabilizer. Thanks you for the replies.