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MM252 running Dualshield?

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    Yes 252 will run at spray transfer. <br />
    Excell Arc 71 is rated from 23 to 29 volt. <br />
    I run from 24 to 27 volt normally. Most of time 25 to 26.5 volt. And that is with in 252 range. <br />
    This is with 75-25 gas. <br />
    Keep in mind this wire was developed to run in spray Arc. So with proper gas & voltage this wire runs in spray Arc with out any issues. <br />
    I know a local farm that only runs dual shield through there 252 they do a lot of there own repairs with 252 and dual shield. They switched couple years ago and that's all they run now. <br />
    As for wire size. Min volts is 23 on both .035 & .045 but depending on your normal work .035 may be better wire for you. A lot of my work is heavy metal so .045 is better for me. <br />
    Try .035 it may work fine.


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      Thank you! I will
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        I've ran plenty of .045 dual shield wire on structural steel. It's like running 7018 in a wire gun. Yes, it's a low hy process.
        it still needs protection from the wind or you will experience porosity if your shielding gas gets blown away.
        .045 dual shield wire has the same rate of metal deposition as 3/16" 7018 stick rod. In other words, it lays down a lot of metal rather quickly.
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