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Two torches vs. changing liners

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  • Two torches vs. changing liners

    I have a Millermatic 211 I am using on an auto restoration project. I have seen several recommendations on hobbyist websites to use .024 wire when welding sheet metal panels. My M100 torch has the liner for .030/.035 wire. Really a three part question:
    1. Can I use .024 wire in current liner by just changing the feed roll and the tip?
    2. Can I switch liners frequently (and tips & rolls) without affecting the set-up of the machine?
    3. Do you old hands recommend a second M100 torch with the .024 liner and tip?

    I've only been at this for a couple of years (part time) with one community college welding class under my belt.


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    Yes Yes and Yes. But use an .024 liner to save the grief. Just went thru this with a customer last week. The .024 doubled up inside his .035 and broke off inside. Had to sell him a new liner. I have a spare gun just for that reason...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      2 guns is the quickest way to change back and fourth. When changing from one to the other, cut the wire at the tip, release the drive roller and wined the wire back onto the spool. Always have an extra liner for each size on hand to avoid down time in case of damage. The small wire is a good choice for doing thin sheet metal on cars. Good luck on your project and post pic's.


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        Well stated.


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          Thanks, all. Two guns it is.