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  • GoTorch?

    Does anyone have any experience with GoTorch CNC table? I'm looking for an entry level CNC table and this one has caught my eye. I've done a lot of research on it and I'm aware of the "hidden fees" to get the table to function the way I would like. My question is, does the computer need to be plugged into the table? Or can I draw something (with the upgraded software) on my computer in my house, save it to a USB thumb drive and then plug the USB thumb drive in the table in my garage? Thanks for any help.

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    Plasma Cam is on my wish list...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
      Plasma Cam is on my wish list...Bob
      there are several of us here with the PlasmaCam....

      I have the 4x4 THC...w/Hypetherm PM-1000


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        You will need a pc in the shop to operate the table.
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          Just FYI, the go torch will be an exercise in frustration without the DE software, and doesn't really get useful until you have height control. Once you get it and decide to make it bigger let me know, I have extra rails and gantry tube.
          I have had mine for years, and cut it all apart and made it bigger. 4x4 is about the minimum size I would buy.