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A nice surprise from a customer

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  • A nice surprise from a customer

    I built a lot of stuff for a kitchen and the Exec chef of the kitchen got interested in welding through hearing what I told her about it, she gave it a shot on one of the things I built for her and kind of helped me out getting it together, then she got interested in metal and all that and she sent me a poem called "the welder" I thought I would share it with you guys


    Steel, aluminum, chrome and stainless, it wouldn't be fun if working them was painless.

    It's tiring, addicting, fun and insane, when the sparks start to fly looks like electric rain.

    It's a craft and an art, a science and a trade, but if you actually look around, it's how so many things are made.

    To harness the lightning, meld objects into one, it's a skill all unto itself that can be addicting fun.

    For not many would attempt, and few actually understand, that such a skill can be mastered by a man.

    It takes dedication and heart, a willingness to try again, to finally get it right, stand back with a grin.

    For you just created a masterpiece of your own, people will admire its brilliance, the shiny new chrome!

    Serenity Rocky Mountain Snow
    if there's a welder, there's a way

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    Interesting-you and your work must have impressed her. Did she actually try welding?


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      I like it.
      I think she likes you!
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        Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
        I like it.
        I think she likes you!
        Does sound like she is kinda sweet on ya.....

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          Well, she was definitely impressed, and she did try it herself.

          Don't think so on the sweet part been working with her for years now.
          if there's a welder, there's a way