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Miller Dialarc HF 1983 Model

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  • Miller Dialarc HF 1983 Model

    Looking for info about the remote foot control. My son and I recently picked this up and everything works but the foot pedal. It is an RFC-3A. Previous research tells me I may need an interface box MIC-4. It also tells me that it may be next to impossible to find. What I am wondering is if the RFC-23A with both the 2 and 3 prong, twistlock cords will take the place of the RFC-3A and work on my machine. Serial number JD718832. I know the RFC-23A's can still be bought new and that there are few older, used ones floating around out there. Just want to be sure before I spend the money on one. I used one of the RFC's when working maintenance at a turkey processing plant where most everything we welded was stainless and had to pass USDA inspection before being placed in or back in service. Thanks for any and all advice.

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    Good news I have had 3 of these welders 2 of them had this pedel all u need to do is order the switch for the other rca23a and get the plug and the wire and that will work the hf so it's not running all the time I have the part number I will post asap


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      Here is a pic of that switch


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        That pedal you have could be repaired for less then new with a rheostat and the switch in the above picture that would convert to the rfc23a pedal.

        Another thing that pedal will not work unless the plug has a jumper wire in the plug that's not being used if that makes sence