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MM210 w/SG, possible 204807 issue??

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  • MM210 w/SG, possible 204807 issue??

    I have a MM210, serial# LC054331, with factory installed spool gun.
    I am original and only owner, MM is always indoors.
    Honestly SG was used for one project that was a few hours of Non-continous welding.
    The steel side works perfectly.
    The spool gun has the 35volts at pins #1 and #2
    Has same voltage from circuit breaker as steel side that feeds both.
    I was able to use a known working spool gun that yielded same result.
    Original spool gun plugged into steel side activates steel components.
    Miller said replace the 1 and only board in machine pt# 204807
    I am guessing now problem leads me to the RC6 plug on board pin#4

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    I should of added that any help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if I am going in correct direction.


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      Without a schematic for the board, this is going to be tough or impossible unless you have a Huntron Tracker and are pretty proficient with it, or have fixed a lot of boards and can just pick your way through it. Could call Miller and ask for a tech manual with a board schematic. I doubt they will give it out-it is their intellectual property-- but nothing to lose by trying. Watch eBay-sometimes they pop up, but not often.


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        (1) I have schematic that Miller was kind enough to share however the won't share the one with values because board is still in production. <br />
        <br />
        (2) I don't know I am asking,<br />
        I thought Huntron trackers were only useful when you could compare signatures to a "known " good board?<br />
        <br />
        (3) Are you able to help if I post schematic?<br />
        <br />
        Thank you for your time, I do appreciate it.


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          You are correct, the Huntron tracker is indeed much more useful with a comparison board, and was designed to be used that way, but a very experienced person learns the signatures of components and can often work their way through a problem. Takes a lot more desoldering that way, not easy, but sometimes successful. Still takes a lot of electronics knowledge and experience.

          Post the schematic you have and will take a look. Also, post a pic of the board for reference.


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            I haven't forgot to post just having trouble trying to post schematic. I try from my pc and see if that works.


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              No success yet?


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                The Miller forum says that the file is too big. Going to try and post it in separate pages or I have seen it on other forums. Should I just post the link to the forum page? Your thoughts? Thank you for staying in touch.


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                  I've not done it but some people post large files on photo sharing websites and provide full public access. Perhaps someone with experience with that process will join in.


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                    Originally posted by Aeronca41 View Post
                    I've not done it but some people post large files on photo sharing websites and provide full public access. Perhaps someone with experience with that process will join in.
                    how large is the file in KB or MB...?? and pixel dimensions..??

                    File fomat..?? JPeg..?? BMP...??..PDF..??
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