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Dynasty 300 DX HELP6 or HELP7 No Arc

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  • Dynasty 300 DX HELP6 or HELP7 No Arc

    Hey everyone please lend me a hand...

    Ive got a:
    Dynasty 300 DX
    SN: LA316383

    The machine Displays 200 344 on startup, followed by -2, then the amperage display comes up. I press the pedal and I get a quick buzz then the postflow countdown, and the machine displays HELP6 or HELP7 and refuses to do anymore. HELP6 and HELP 7 apparently mean that the input voltage is either too high or too low. This is the behavior of the machine when plugged in at 3 different shops. Wiring appears to be correct..
    The problem happens on DC or AC, on all modes (TIG HF, TIG Lift, and Stick). No pulser is setup at the moment but it doesnt seem to make a difference.. I have done a factory Reset.
    The AUTOLINK contactors test out OK, and the voltage coming out of SR1 is 320VDC(when plugged into 220 single phase), about 5 Volts below where it says it should test to. Any ideas?

    Thank you, any help is appreciated.
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    And this machine was previously working for you I assume?


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      Used extensively in a production environment. Mostly TIG fusion welding stainless tubing. It was in a friends shop. I watched it in action more than once. They have me look at their out of warranty stuff for them when its something they cant figure it out. Fresh set of eyes. Plus, I'll ask these questions online...
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        In this case a drain resistor on PC2 right side output board is open,m thats the help7, also may have a pooched IGBT to get a help 6, possibly the gate SR1


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          Awesome, I'll drain the caps and meter out the IGBTS and test SR1. Thank you so much for the info.. Im not finding much on the internet about these 2 errors.
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            Mine is doing the same, did you figure out what was causing the help 6 and 7 ? Thanks
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              Check Clamp diodes, IGBTs and resisters on the power pcb. The help 7 may be caused by a open power resister. allows the buss caps to get out of balance. Or caps are just old and need to be replaced,
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