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Interlas HF 150 by Miller, setting spark gap?

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  • hermetic
    Thanks chaps, the points seem to be clean, and the gap is set at 008" as far as I can tell, so I will leave them alone till they need doing. Stefen7, we must think alike, because that is exactly what I have been doing! I think the welder is early eighties, but although I have looked at many Millers with similar front panels, I haven't found anything like a match yet, I will keep looking. Thanks for the info chaps!
    East Yorkshire.

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  • H80N
    newer Miller machines are gapped somewhere between 8 & 12 thousanths of an inch...

    I would use that as a guideline and starting point......and see how that works for you.....
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  • Stefen7
    No one else has answered, so I'll post the advice I usually give. But this may only work for the 'American' market units, since Euro market welders run on different power. Hope you find something.

    If your welder is newer than the early 1970's, it will be in the Miller online download section.

    Miller serial numbers are different than those sold under other brands, but the other units generally look exactly the same as Miller, just a different color or brand name.

    This is what I have done when looking for info. Look online for a photo of a Miller that looks similar to yours, to get the Miller name. Then go to the ‘Manuals & Parts’ download, and download manuals until you find one that matches yours. Tedious, but it works.

    The drop-down menu under "Have an older model or don't know your serial number?" is searchable by typing in the first few letters of the name. You can then scroll up or down to see if there are different models with similar names. (Such as AC-DC, AC only, different amps, etc).

    Try different spellings if you cannot find it right away.
    I searched all over for the "Miller M-250". It was under "T" as "Two-Fifty". Reeeeeealy tedious, but I found it eventually.

    Generally serial numbers are alphabetical, A = older, Z = newer.

    Manual download is found at:
    Miller home page. Support. Manuals and Parts. "Have an older model or don't know your serial number?"

    Good luck.

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  • hermetic
    started a topic Interlas HF 150 by Miller, setting spark gap?

    Interlas HF 150 by Miller, setting spark gap?

    Hi Chaps, I have an Interlas Tigmaster HF150, which I am told is made by Miller, I have posted a pic below for ID purposes, welder seems to be in good condition, and works, but does anyone know the correct setting for the spark gap on the HF, and is there a Miller manual available for download for the equivalent Miller version of this welder?
    East Yorkshire