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  • Thunderbolt Power Cord

    Would anybody happen to have a part number for a 10' - 12' of usable length 240v power cord for a 2016 Miller Thunderbolt XL 225-150 AC-DC.

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    Why not get a welder ext cord..??


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      Really just need 10'-12' of cord, the 5' that comes on the welder is just little short for my use, a 25' extension cord is a little long, haven't seen a short welder extension cord.
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        H80N suggested the simplest approach-but if you can't find an extension short enough, I'm guessing you just want to connect a longer cord to the inside of the machine in place of the existing cord? If so, it seems easiest to get some #8/3 rubber cable (type SJ with or without other letters after it, like SJO, SJOW, SJOOW) and a NEMA 6-50P plug for the end, from an electrical supply house. The green wire in the new cable connects to the chassis (ground) of the welder (very important for safety) and to the top center round pin on the plug on the other end. The black and white wires go to the same connection points in the welder where the two non-grounded wires are connected now, and to the two flat pins on the plug. Doesn't matter which of the black and white go to which of the flat pins. If you are at all unsure about how to do this, or have no experience at all with electrical wiring, get help from an electrician or some person with the necessary skills and training. And, make sure the welder is unplugged!
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          You must have a unique situation. Generally the difference if a couple of feet of power cable or a couple of extra feet of welding lead. Another option is to move your power connection. All of those are simple fixes, but I doubt there is a part number for a cord to extend the factory service plug. If that's what you desire, you'll have to make it, which is also an easy fix.


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            It is kind of a unique situation. I do most of my welding just outside the shop's big door, adding 5-6 feet of cord gets the welder close to whatever project I'm working on. It is just a matter of convenience when adjusting amps. I have thought about making a short extension cord. A 6709N female receptacle would be ideal for the ext. cord but it is a expensive part @ around $65-$75 if bought retail. I have used the block style receptacle, but really don't like them. I may just keep making a few extra steps to adjust the amps.


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              My Thunderbolt has a 20' cord on it...Bob
              Bob Wright


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                I've removed the factory cords on most of our welding machines and put 25' to 50' cords on them to accommodate getting around the shop. It's quick and easy. We also have 50' and 100' extension cords made up to get the machines anywhere they need to go in the building or the yard. Haven't had any issues with voltage drop on long cord runs affecting how the welders run. I use twist lock connectors on all cord ends.


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                  My MM185 is 85' from the breaker...Bob
                  Bob Wright