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Miller 211 with spoolmate150

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  • Miller 211 with spoolmate150

    I am looking to purchase the Miller211 with a spoolmate 150. I am looking to weld aluminum using 5356 wire 035.? Will this machine handle that and up to what thickness can I weld?

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    Yes it will use that wire. I would say 3/16 thickness maybe a tad more. The book says 3/8 alum...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      5356 wire takes a bit more heat to melt into the basemetal, so the thickness is just a hair less than when using 4043 wire. 5356 is rated to 3/16", and 4043 is rated to 3/8". I guess that's a big difference, lol. With 0.035", 5356, you'd be at 8/10 on voltage, and 100/100 on the wirespeed, so not much more available there.

      Here is the Manual so you can have a look: Millermatic 211 Manual

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        it will use that wire. 3/16 thickness maybe a tad more.

        more info-