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Question about AR 400 steel

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  • Question about AR 400 steel

    My question isn't on how to weld AR plate it, I've welded it quite a bit at work, its how well it will hold up to heat. I got a 16" piece of pipe by about 32" long and it's AR 400 I was thinking about making a stove out of it but I'm not sure how the heat will affect it. The piece has flanges on both ends and I was planning on putting blinds on both ends. I guess I had one question about the welding, I'm not sure if I would use 11018 like I do at work or use 7018 because it would be more mallable. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Ar 400 is wear plate. It's used to combat heavy abrasion and wear. I've never seen ar 400 pipe or tube myself. I've welded it with 70s6 mig, 7018 stick and 8018 stick in the past.
    Ar400 is typically used for things like wear pads on the bottom of loader/excavator buckets or the bottom of dump truck boxes etc.
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      Try it and see. I love wood burners made from recycled things. You could always put the smoke stack out thru the rear blind. Pics also...Bob
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        I was thinking of standing it up vertically and have the stack coming out of the pipe. I'm just not sure if it will hold up to the constant expansion and contraction. I've built a couple of stoves before one out of stainless and the other mild steel. The stainless one I allowed for expansion in the joints.