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Trailblazer 302 AirPak idle issues

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  • Trailblazer 302 AirPak idle issues

    My company just bought a brand new AirPak, it has 4 hours on it. Welds great, the only problem is at high idle after about 10 minutes it starts to "surge" and all but dies until it kicks down to low idle. I watched the fuel filter and at low idle it is at least 3/4 full but when it starts acting up at high idle it is all but empty. Why is it doing this. It's under warranty but they say it could be up to three weeks before I get it back. Can any help me or has anyone had the same issues?

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    Pretty simple really, merely carefully pull the little plastic tab off the gas cap. then with a micro drill bit drill from inside center to the center of the cap. blow through it to make sure it vents and reinstall the gas cap holder tab. These things have a problem with fuel tank venting through the electric solinoid


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      I'm no fan of Kohler --- Kubota engines are mucho better -- been using in my lawn gear for years (ZD25, BX2370 60in cut) --- never a problem with Kubota engines. With proper maintenance they're pretty much bullet-proof.
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        I'll try drilling the plastic tab, if I can find what you are talking