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Xmt 350 cccv problem

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  • Xmt 350 cccv problem

    I have xmt 350 and when I turn on the power the display reads .1volts and fluctuates it should be reading my ocv stick mode the amp dial changes and operates corretly. I've changed the front board and have same results. If I take a dvm and read at my welding leads connection I get ocv but not on my screen. Any ideas thanks.

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    Any help?thanks


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      You need Cruizer to see your question. that's a relatively sophisticated machine.


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        Gotta start reading the question better, geez...... Need better glasses I guess.....

        Check your output studs, likely loose, each of them have a little sense wire coming and a brass nut to hold a ring. one may be loose or broken.

        Since you have stick mode and no error codes, that where I would look first.


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          They say u are the man and u were dead on thanks I checked the main wire but not the small wire on the plug...tighten it up and presto
          thanks... I'm coming out like a bandit on this one.

          I bought another one but it doesn't have any codes or ocv. Screen reads 0 V and the amp reads correctly when turning............. Down loaded book and starting to do board checks on it maybe I'll get real lucky again

          Thanks again... suggestion on this one?


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            Now that one is a mod issue, so you'll need both mods and the right side board. Nothing is repairable on this side board nor the mods.


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              How is the best way to check the mods? I did pre Power check on the boards and all tested within specs.What I downloaded doest have a mod check thanks


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                Email me : [email protected]