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  • MM210 Cooling Fan

    Hello outthere:
    I recently bought a MM210 and so far it exceeded my expectations. I just have one question.
    I am running the unit with 208V and the fan seems to run as long as the power switch is on. The unit seems to operate properly, I do not smell overheating but I was wondering because in the brochure it says that the fan only runs when the unit needs it.
    Is this normal!. I would appreciate any advise

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    My MM 210 is 3 1/2 years old and the fan runs full time, unless they changed them it's normal.
    Exellent machine, I've made a lot of money with mine and I'm still using the original nose cone.


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      MM210 Cooling Fan

      Thank you for your reply TIMW. I did not think the fan was a problem, but it is nice to hear from somebody with experience.
      Happy sparks!


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        And there is no trying to steal my name!
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          The MM251 and up have "fan on demand". Us 210'ers gotta listen to the fan run.

          The other day, while I was setting up some pieces between welds, my fan quit! Almost instantly, the wife yelled "what did you do - the TV's off!", and, lo and behold, so was the rest of the power! Scared me. I was worried about the machine until I relaized it was the utility company's fault.

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            As usual Hankj is on it, right on all counts. You'll love the mm210.