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MM140 was supposed to have a problem.

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  • MM140 was supposed to have a problem.

    Had a MM140 come into the store today for me to look at. The customer also had a "spare" Miller gun that didn't look any better than the one on the machine. Hooked up a bottle of 75/25 then walked across the street to my van and got my new Miller M-15 gun from the box. Removed his gun and put mine on and the welder worked great. Its a body shop welder and i could have sat there all day spot welding the sheets of metal he brought along. So i looked at his guns. One had more electrical tape on the neck than my co worker has in his desk. So i removed the tape and the gooseneck fell off. It was not connected to anything except the liner. I could see the brass smoke inside the handle and all of the arc marks on the brass where it was trying to work. So i took the 2nd gun that wasn't hooked up and removed the liner that had at least 3 big kinks in it plus had been chopped off too short then stretched to try to make it work. So a new liner and a screw that was missing and some nozzle end parts and everything is fine. Its amazing how the machine always get the blame for not working...Bob
    Bob Wright

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    Ha! Nice.