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dynasty 280 vs syncoware 350n

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  • dynasty 280 vs syncoware 350n

    I have a syncrowave 350LX and do welding on motorcycle cylinder heads.Sometimes filling in port completely for reshaping.

    So preheating is need sometimes,
    I had seen some commets that an inverter would weld on AC like a transformer would at a higher amp setting.
    Is this just people talking or is there some fact to it.
    Being able to pick up the torch and weld without preheat would be nice.
    Tight corner welding in seat pockets requires me to melt everything around it and build back.

    Thanks Phil
    PS did a search no match

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    The Dynasty arc is much more focused and therefore puts more heat into a smaller, tighter area which means you can weld thicker material with less power. Putting it another way, a Dynasty 280 will out-weld your Syncrowave 350
    Here's a good video that might explain this for you.

    Watch as Miller Marketing Manager Andy Weyenberg and Scott Duggins, owner of PAR Racing Engines, use the Dynasty 350 TIG welder to repair an aluminum cylinde...


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      Thanks Andy, but I know the 350 in the video will but you say the 280 will do better than my syncrowave 350 .
      Also it show welding seat area with smaller touch head so smaller torches work to?


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        Yes. We welded those heads at less than 280 amps and the seat area was less than 200... No preheat.
        You will be happy with the arc control and by setting the balance up to 73 and higher, there is less heat on the tungsten/torch head so smaller torches work better. Also, turning the output frequency up will focus and pinpoint the arc giving you extreme precision.
        (When turning the balance all the way up on a Syncrowave, it only goes to 68% of electrode Negative and the Sync output frequency is only 60hz)