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Newbie - Need help setting up new welder

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  • Newbie - Need help setting up new welder

    I just purchased a Miller Bobcat 225 and need advice on setting up to weld a cattle guard. I've only welded once in my life. A pipe fence, and I borrowed a welder and was handed the rods to use and the welder was already on the correct settings. There are three places to attach the leads. I think I have it right, but would appreciate the advice so I know what is correct, so I don't kill myself. I will be welding 1/4 inch thick pipe to an H beam. I was sold 6011 rods. What settings should I set them at, and are these good rods to use?

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    You can find the manual for your machine here:
    Find replacement parts and receive detailed answers to your questions by downloading owner's manuals for your Miller products.

    What size(diameter) is your 6011. That is part of what will determine the amperage you will use. Most of the major wire manufacturers have web sites that will recommend the range that a particular wire should be used in. Like here:
    And Miller has a weld Calculator here:


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      Ground clamp negative, electrode holder positive....most of the time. <br />
      <br />
      Unless is has a special hole for cellulose rods or whatever that thing is. <br />
      <br />
      Practice a bit before you go welding on any bridge trusses or the like. You'll pick it up.