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Welding a Butt Joint

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  • Welding a Butt Joint

    I have flat bar cold steel 3/8 thick and im welding to 1/4 thick cold steel. My question is i need to butt weld overhead and im getting globs and falling off weld. I have my MM 211 heat set at 70 and stick speed at 75. I have tried a short stick and a longer stick out same result. Im also have a hard time with the torch going past the butt weld it sounds almost the same as blowing a hole in the metal. I have also tried slowing stick speed same result. Any tips or suggestions?

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    Not familiar with the new MM-211 but I do have the older non inverter ( a year old Miller 211 ) ...........1/4 to 3/8 with 3/8" being maximum welding capacity......"Heat set at 70" would not be enough amperage at least on my older version 211 ..........looking at the control panel for yours on line it should be set at between 9-10 for the thickness of the material.......

    I would guess the reason your getting globs is because your not melting the base material so there is nothing for the filler metal to stick to..........Notwithstanding for that high amperage the machine needs I would guess to be plugged into a 220v outlet....................

    Try taking two samples one of the 3/8" and the other 1/4" and practice welding on the flat first.........Also make sure your existing material is clean and rust!
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      There is a Kevin Carson video on youtube where he shows how to weld a butt joint you could check that out.


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        Thanks i tried a few pieces and tarry99 was right heat setting to low. What i did was keep the arc more to the 3/8 side of metal and used a z pattern much nicer weld. I layed on ground and offset my body just in case of falling weld. I tacked a small piece of metal to the 1/4 side of metal to act as a guide to stp gun from going past weld. I also looked at that guy Kevin Carson and he has a video thanks Rickardo and said to place the gun as straight up as possiabl