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Possible circuit board Issue Miller 350P Alum

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  • Possible circuit board Issue Miller 350P Alum

    We are experiencing some issues with our Miller 350P Alum with the XR AumaPro Gun when operating in Pulsed Mig mode. Working on some aluminum frames (1/8in 6061-T6) in a jig/fixture set up running pulsed mig 40xx 0.035 wire, arc length 40, Wire speed 430, arc shape 25, hot start on, no crtr fill or timers are active. Perfect identical beads on the first 50 pieces to come out of the jig. About half way through the day we had the cooling fan on the machine turn on a for a bit so we gave the machine a good cool down period and took a lunch break. No settings were changed, the wire was not changed, nothing was changed at all. Had a tip burn back striking first arc after retuning to work which we have never had happen with this machine in pulsed mode. Threw a new tip on and immediately noticed something was wrong.

    The arc length is extremely erratic and inconsistent. By that I mean that we can see the wire almost burn back into the tip and then continue to run with an extremely long arc length. The arc length will then suddenly shorten to where you can see the wire touch the puddle for a split second and then go back to an extremely long arc length almost burning back into the tip. I have since gone over the entire machine: checked tension on the spool and drive rolls in the machine, cleaned drive rolls in the gun and replaced the liner/ip, re calibrated the gun, checked the entire length of the liner/cable, verified gun tension is still on 40xx pressure setting, double checked that no settings got changed, even tried an oversized tip. Everything checks out. Tried adjusting arc length down to 30, then 20, then 10 and it makes no difference. Contacted miller support and they suggested doing a factory reset at which time we found that the machine did not seem to be able to reset (settings should go back to factory default and they were not changing upon doing the reset).

    I then switched to straight MIG to see if that would help diagnose a wire feed issue. The machine performs flawless in Mig mode and there does not seem to be any issues with the wire or wire feed. Back to pulsed mig and same issue as before.

    Im thinking that the mother board that controls pulsed mig and specifically the arc length is toast....anyone have this issue? Any other ideas of what to check before we send her off to warranty?

    Thanks, Ryan

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    You do know that the drive roller in the machine is pretty much finger tight. basically just for pushing a new spool through and very little after that.. Never the less its NOT a board issue. Maybe have crap in the liner. often times long pieces of wire are jammed in it.