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    Hello, I've just bought a second hand dynasty 200, I've used it a few times and it worked great. The last time I used it was welding stainless at low amps, I finished and turned the unit off, I went to weld some more a week later and now it wont start up... the digital display wont light up and it wont make the normal sound these units make whilst on. It does make some sound but its as if it is struggling and cant quite get to the full power stage. Like it makes 20% of the sound it should make.
    Has anyone had the same kind of issue?
    can anyone suggest something I might be able to do to repair it myself?
    or do I need to take it to a shop and spend more money that I dont really have... any advice/help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Did you pop the cover and look inside? Might be an obvious problem. What are you plugging it into, 120, 220, 480?
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      No I havn't but I will do ASAP, by obvious do you mean like a fuse or something? Iv'e not looked inside a welder before so dont really know what to look for... it's a 3 phase unit that had an adapter plug turning it to single phase 240v. Any help is appreciated thanks.


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        I have a Dynasty 200 myself and have no experience with your problem.
        However, when there is an operational problem the volt meter will read HEP (for HELP) and the amp meter will display a P-0 through a P-21 number which will relate to a specific problem.
        If you have no metes lit up, I think you need to take the unit to a LWS and have them take a look.
        There are no internal fuses to check as far as I know and the internals are made up of electronic boards much like a computer.

        Is the fan running?
        You may want to put a meter on your wall outlet to make sure you are getting the full 220V to the Dynasty.
        A member may offer some better help on this than I can offer.
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          Check your adapter plug-the red wire from the welder is the one that should not be connected-you should have the white and black wires powered and the green should be ground. Also Cruizer has noted in the past that the output terminals sometimes get loose on these. Not likely the cause of your immediate problem but good to check while you have the cover off.


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            It could be when you open it that one the boards looks fried, one of the components are burnt or like you said, a fuse. You will need a meter to check the fuse. My thought was mainly in terms of burnt off wires as you do have some buzzing and noise would indicate that something is going on. I would also check the plug and outlet and make sure you are getting the right power, a lost phase or a wack voltage could do this.
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              As piniongear, Aeronca41 and Olivero already suggested, start with the simple by checking for proper power at the outlet receptacle in the shop, both ends of your adapter cord and both ends of the power supply cord on the machine itself. May have lost one side of the circuit breaker or poor connection in the service entrance panel too.
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