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How do you remember to close the gas tank when done?

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    After running out of gas on a weekend your supposed to work to finish a project and have to drive to another building to borrow their bottle or just running out in general and having to get a new one when you are trying to wrap up a job, do it enough times and you remember. I don't leave the room without turning my gas off and yes, I do forget to turn it back on occasionally.

    There is no "way" to remember, its like H80N's reply, zip it up when its done. When I slap in my bottle I hook everything up, turn it on, pressure builds in the regulator and then I shut it. Then I can see if I tightened everything right and if there are any leaks, by the time I am all dressed up and my work is all ready to go, I either look at the gauge and think I am all good and start welding to realize 5 seconds later I am an idiot and turn the gas on or I notice the pressure dropped significantly and start looking for the leak.

    Its one of those habits you just gotta develop.
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      I got the gas this morning. It costs me $68 for a 80cf tank. not cheap!!

      I think hanging the hood on the tank is a good idea. Another idea is set the timer on my cell phone to alarm me in an hour when I start. Repeat the time if I did not finish in an hour. The worst case is one hour if I forget.


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        Anyone who has been in the military, trained to be a pilot, or similar complex task can answer this with one word:

        Loooong time ago my Air Cadet flight instructor said something along these lines:

        “Check-List: a method of turning a complex procedure into a series of simple tasks; which is promptly forgotten or ignored, causing the operator to screw up ridiculously simple tasks.”


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          Seriously? Anything along these lines. Thanks for the post H80N.

          "Geez....... this question is like.... how do you remember to zip your fly when done.....??.................... "
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            Originally posted by bcjm View Post
            I got the gas this morning. It costs me $68 for a 80cf tank. not cheap!!
            WOW. I don't sell 80 cu ft of anything that's close to 68 bucks. $29.00 is about the worst price...Bob
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              The welding store store near me is dominating the local market. There is no competitor. They charge pretty much whatever they like.

              I agree that having a check list is good, only if I remember to check the check list.

              I am worried I am going to forget closing my acetylene/oxygen tanks next time.
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                I never shut my off, I made sure the flow meter didn't leak. Now forgetting to shut off the purge at the end of the day is a different story but that only happens about once a year. lol


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                  If forget my wife tells me to zip up