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  • Amperage control!!

    hello guys n gals...I have a question...I'm currently using a Lincoln 550K welding machine at work for welding pipe...I'm used to welders with the digital display but this machine has a range selector, then amperage control...but I'm pretty sure the amperage control dial is in "percentage" the first range is from 55 amps to 125 amps...I usually run my machine at around 70 or so for putting in a root on pipe, and I'm just wondering how can I calculate where to set my amperage control dial at to be at 70 amps? Or for any amperage for that matter. Thanks!

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    if the range is 55-125, that's a diff of 75 amps. So the 50% setting would be 55 plus 50% of 75, or 55+32.5=87.5 amps. To get 70 amps, you need to add 15 amps to 55. 15 is 1/5, or 20%, of 75. Set your fine control to 20%. Now, all of that said, no welder is that accurate on control settings, so that's a starting point from which to add or subtract based on penetration, puddle characteristics, position, etc.

    Make sense?


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      Yes thank you very much!


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        Glad to help!


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          Wow-check out the dumb math above. Diff between 55 and 125 is 75? But you get the idea