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  • Dialarc Input Wiring Questions

    I bought an old Dialarc HF welder and am giving a good going-over, including paint and decals. Where I am at now is with the input wiring. This welder does not have power factor correction and at 230V has a max input of 90 amps.

    Let me back-up a bit. What I really had in mind to buy was something like a Thunderbolt XL or a Lincoln 'tombstone type' AC/DC, but for half the cost, I found this machine - about $250ish w/running gear, tig foot pedal and regulator. BTW, my Wife fussed that I had brought home something else to trip over in the basement, but I said, I don't think anyone's going to trip over this machine About 500lbs!

    I doubt I'd ever need the full capacity of this machine - more along the requirements of one of the buzz boxes I mentioned above.

    I want to be in compliance with code and I think that can go smaller with the input amps providing I provide proper wiring and protection at a reduced amperage. For example, if I size the input wire and breaker for 50 amps, then I am more conservative than NEC recommends for this machine.

    That brings me to my question. It would be nice to wire this thing to a 50 amp circuit where I can simply plug it in - unplug and take to my Dad's house if required for a welding chore. That's what I'd do with a buzz box.

    My question is - what are your opinions of this route and how much am I limiting the capabilities of this machine (or causing unintended damage) by going with a 50 amp circuit?

    Thanks in advance,
    Miller Dialarc HF

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    leeave96 I'm running my 310 amp Dialarc HF and my 251 on a 50 amp circuit.I can plug either one in @ the recepical.I did how ever run number 3 copper from the main box to the cutoff,then number 6 to the Rec. But i had the wire already so I didn't have tro buy any.....The 50 amp circuit will work ok for you....