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  • Canox red star

    Just picked up a canox red star welder cheap. Problem with it is the 2 aux power plugs won't work when switched to power and while welding plug works as should. Also the auto idle won't work proper in auxiliary just stays low idle. Would also like to know the which Miller would be same as I would like a manual and any info on them. Thanks in advance
    welder model c-rs2e ac/dc
    ser no. Jd697034

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    Sorry, I am not familiar with that type of unit, but this is what I have done when stuck for info before. Look online for a photo of a Miller that looks similar, to get the name. Then go to the ‘Manuals & Parts’ download, and download manuals until you find one that matches. Tedious, but it works.

    (Miller home page. Support . Manuals and Parts. Have an older model or don't know your serial number?)
    Good luck.


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      Ok I will do that thanks a bunch


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        Just a guess-but go to the site Stefen describes. the machine is probably old enough that you won't get a ser no hit, but go to the right side of the page and enter Blue Star 2e in the field where it searches by name. Must be two (3) words -it won't find Bluestar. The 2e in the model number you posted is a hint. There are several versions - AC only, AC/DC, and some variations. Find the one that looks like yours and then look for the correct ser no range. Let is know if if works. Good Luck!
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          Yes that worked and I found the same model and a manual thanks a lot everyone now to get to Trouble shooting the gen power problem


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            The Internet is a truly wonderful thing!