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    Is there a way to check the hours of operation on a Multimatic 200 ? Couldn't find it in the manual ?

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    No there isn't...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I know this is old - but for reference:

      The unit timer is in the set-up menu that can be accessed during power-up. Menu 7 and 8 will tell you unit power time as well as how much time has been spent welding in each process. You can select each process by turning the process select knob.

      Refer to the manual (available online) for detailed instructions on how to access the set-up menu to view the machine and process timers.

      This is good to know before buying a used unit or to track your arc time.
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        Yes there is.

        When you first turn the unit on, I can't remember because it's not in front of me, but you hold two buttons to enter the seup menu which give you hours and total arc strikes. I'll try and follow up later.

        Pretty much every machine has "secret" hidden menus to access that type of data. It's not always in the manual. Where's Cruizer, he always seems to know what the secret handshake is for each machine.
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