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  • gouging machines capacity

    I am using a constant current SCR based Air arc Gouging machine for our applications which involve gouging weld repair joints.

    The machine supplier claims that this machine has the capacity to deliver up to 800Amps but at an arc voltage of 44V and below.

    We are using this machine and our operators are not able to gouge at an arc voltage of 44V or below. Every time the arc voltage during Gouging is in the range of 53 - 58 V and during the gouging operation the maximum current reached is upto 400A only in the digital display.

    Even the depth of gouging achieved in one go is lesser as compared to what is achieved in other makes available with us.

    We feel that the supplier is playing and the machine capacity is not 800Amps.

    My doubt is:
    1. Whether this claim of the supplier that the machine of delivering 800Amps at 44V arc voltage can be checked? Can anyone share the mathematical formula to arrive at a conclusion wrt above claim.
    2. We are using 6 and 9 mm carbon electrodes for gouging. For 9 mm I understand that 600A is the maximum recommended current. If we employ the same 9mm electrode by setting current at 800A, shouldn't it draw 800A from this machine definitely the electrode would be melting at a faster pace.

    I am enclosing the Load current characteristics supplied by the supplier along with the machine.

    Hope I have put forth my problems clearly. If more clarity is required please do tell me.

    Waiting for your replies and help.


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    For the carbons your using, you don't need even close to 800 amps. That's way too much current for 1/4" and 3/8" carbons.
    I hapily run 5/16" carbons at 350 amps.
    Is your machine not gouging properly? How have you verified your amps/arc voltages?
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      Yes it is not gouging properly.
      The amps and arc voltage were displayed on the display meters on the gouging machine.
      We have also checked the Gouging current and arc voltage with the help of calibrated clamp meters


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        Have enough air?...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Do you really think a 1/4" gouge rod will ever even hit 350 amps. probably not huh. All has to do with resistance. A 1/4" rod has allot of resistance to flow, as the sIze increase, The resistance to flow decreases, thus more amp output. Many people believe that if you have a 800 amp machine, it should put out 800 amps even on the smallest rod. Nopers....