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trailblazer 325... aluminum... did i buy the wrong machine?

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  • trailblazer 325... aluminum... did i buy the wrong machine?

    just purchased a 325 a few weeks ago. currently has 3 hours on it. i have a job coming up soon fixing some aluminum dump truck bodies. can i run a spool gun off this thing? getting overwhelmed looking at the equipment and what i would need to buy. i have a dynasty 200dx, but would prefer a more heavy duty and faster process. thanks.

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    Miller 30A and WC-24 controller, plug and play


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      What cruizer said regarding a spool gun and remember that it's spray transfer with 100% argon for aluminum MIG. No short circuit "frying bacon" or C-25.

      TIGing aluminum off the TB is a different story unless you're skilled at DC with helium.
      MM200 w/spot controller and Spoolmatic 1
      Syncrowave 180 SD
      Bobcat 225G Plus LPG/NG w/14-pin*
      *Homemade Suitcase Wire Feeder
      *WC-1S & Spoolmatic 1
      PakMaster 100XL
      Marquette "Star Jet" 21-110


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        how much is the 30a capable of? think i can get away with the spool mate 200? on dump bodies using multiple passes if i need too? also since got my machine a few weeks ago i wonder if i could get them to qualify the spool gun with the 200 rebate.

        I'm trying to get away from carting my dynasty around, its a pain with the cart it on, and too slow for me to make money working in the field imo.


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          Huh, the spoolmate is simply junk compared with the 30A. I stick them on all brands. and you don't have to buy new ebay has smoken deals.