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dynasty 200dx problem

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    I spoke with some different guys from Miller today and yesterday. They were much more helpful. They gave me some things to try next time it malfunctions to help identify the problem, and told me if i got it in to the shop next time it malfunctions they would work on getting me reimbursed for the first time I took it in. No point in taking it in right now tho because it's working right again.


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      Great news! I could not imagine the treatment you were getting-that is just not how Miller works. Hang in there-hope you find the problem soon!


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        Hope Miller straightens out their authorized dealer there too. I had a local Mikita dealer try that game with me once. I told them that I think Mikita might like to talk to them about this "no warranty-warranty work" they wanted to charge me for. They told me not to worry about it. I called Mikita anyway. I wonder if that Miller shop there has a habit of doing that to their customers like my local Mikita dealer does.


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          It malfunctioned again and I took a bunch of videos this time of the screen and arc. I took it to a different service center than before because I have moved since. Of course when I got there with the machine it was working fine again so I showed them the videos and they sent them to Miller. Found something loose on the back of my ground lead plug inside the machine. Hopefully that fixed the issue tho they said they couldn't get the problem to occur for them. They billed Miller the labor since it seems that it may have been loose from the get go. I did want to say that I feel much much better about the support I received from Miller this time and the shop I took it to was much much more helpful than the previous one. Hopefully it keeps welding great because I love the machine just frustrating when stuff like that happens I'm a welder not an electrician by any means so I really have no capability to diagnose/fix anything inside a machine. So as of now I found a great local repair shop and I'm feeling much better about the care I received from Miller. Just wanted to update for y'all. Thanks guys


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            Thanks for the update. Sounds much more like the Miller I know.


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              Update again. Whatever they tightened before was not the problem. Welded fine for a bit then malfunctioned again. Took it back to the shop they say they have now replaced all the boards except one. Worked fine for the rest of the day after I picked it up at lunch today. We'll see how it goes. Just figured I'd keep posting in this thread until the problem is remedied, which is hopefully now, just in case someone else has similar issues they can at least find this. I searched and searched the web and couldn't find anyone with a problem like this and I feel that it's unlikely given the amount of machines out there that mine is the only one to have this happen. But maybe so


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                PLS.... Do keep us posted.....

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